III. C-3 Power House

Construction Of Headrace Tunnel (from Surge Shaft end), Surge Shaft, Butterfly Valve Chamber, Pressure Shafts, Power House and Tailrace Tunnel including Hydro-Mechanical works

The Construction work of Head Race Tunnel from Surge Shaft end, Surge Shaft, Butterfly Value Chamber, Pressure Shafts, Power House and Tail Race Tunnel including Hydro-mechanical works has been awarded to M/s Jaiprakash Associates Limited. on June 26, 2011.

The Contract package # C-3 consists of following Components:

  • 11 m finished dia, 2 km long Head Race Tunnel from Surge Shaft end.
  • 31 m finished dia, 137 m high open to sky Surge Shaft.
  • 124.55 m (L) x 12 m (W) x 22.5 m (H) Butterfly Valve Chamber.
  • 120 m (L) x 12 m (W) x 12 m (H) Ferrule erection Chamber.
  • 3 Nos Steel Lined Pressure Shafts 5.5 m dia, 1453.342 m long including 6 Nos Penstocks of 3.86 m dia.
  • 240.7 m (L) x 23 m (W) x 51 m (H) Power House Cavern to house six units.
  • 215.7 m (L) x 14 m (W) x 26.5 m (H) Transformer Hall Cavern.
  • 314 m (L) x 18 m(W) x 58.5/48.5 m (H).D/S Surge chamber
  • 7.8 m finished dia, 356 m & 11 m finished dia, 2.87 km long Tail Race Tunnel.
  • 283.26 m long 7.0 m x 7.5 m D-shaped Cable Tunnel.
  • 3 Nos. Bus Duct Tunnel 11 m x 8 m D-Shaped.
  • 6 Nos Draft Tube Tunnels.
  • Pot Head Yard.
  • Main Access Tunnel to Power House and connected Adits and Tunnels.
  • 3 Nos Pressure Shafts, 6 Nos. Draft Tubes and 2 Nos. TRT Outfall Gates.

Special Features/Uniqueness of the Package

  • The underground Down Stream Surge Chamber is the biggest in the Country.
  • Diameter (31 m) & 137 m depth of Surge Shaft is the largest/deepest designed & Constructed in the Country.
  • Diameter (11 m) of Head Race Tunnel & 11 m dia, Tail Race Tunnel is the biggest in the  country.