I) Land acquired for the Project

Type of Land Acquired

Total Land Acquired

Private land Acquired


Private land on lease


State Reserved Forest land on long term lease


Institutional land acquired


Institutional land on lease on long term lease




PHPA-II has afforested 600 ha (300 X 2) which is twice the area leased by the project through Compensatory Afforestation in five Dzongkhags of Gasa, Punakha, Wangdue, Tsirang and Dagana. The total cost of Nu. 66.72 million has been incurred to achieve the target of 600 ha.

Target Executing Agencies Total CA Committed

Budget Committed (millions)


Committed as per DPR

(320 x 2 = 600 Ha)




Tsirang 250 ha 29.75 As per the MoU (2014)
Wangdue 40 ha
Punakha 74 ha 24.6 As per the MoU (2016)
Wangdue 70 ha
Gasa 66 ha 5.97 As per the MoU (2018)
Dagana 50 ha 3.2
Tsirang 50 ha 3.2
TOTAL 600 ha 66.72

II)  Ecology:

White Bellied Heron (Ardea Insignis

  1. Captive Breeding of the endangered While Bellied Heron (WBH) at Bumitsawa, Punakha for which Nu. 2.0 million has been provided.
  2. WBH Hatchery & Conservation Facility at Changchey, Tsirang was constructed with cost of Nu. 49.46 million and handed over to RSPN for operation.

Snow Trout (Schizothorax richardsonii)

  1. Facility for rearing, rescue and hatchery for snow trout has been constructed at Rabuna, Wangdue for nu. 2.5 million and handed over to Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Wangdue Dzongkhag on 30.03.2018.

Golden Mahseer (Tor putitora) 

  1. Hatchery for the conservation of Golden Mahseer at Harachhu, wangdue was constructed with cost of Nu. 159 million and was handed over to Department of Livestock for operation. The bridge over Punatsangchhu and Harachhu will also provide vehicle access to Rukha village.

Project Plant Nursery

  1. The Project plant nursery was established on 2 Acres of land in Bajo Town to raise various saplings required for project plantation.

Annual Fish Monitoring

  1. The PHPA-II in consultation with Department of Livestock (DOL), National Research & Development Center for Riverine and Lake Fishery carry out Annual Fish Monitoring along the Punatsangchhu River and its tributaries.

Muck Disposal Sites.

  1. The PHPA-II is bestowed to rehabilitate the entire leased area of the project and completed muck disposal site through phytoremediation.
  2. Subsequently, the first completed muck disposal site of Dorji Wog Luma measuring 4.5 acres was rehabilitated in the year 2021 through phytoremediation with local native species, every green and ornamental flowering trees.
  3. Then in the following successive year of 2022, the completed muck disposal site of Methang and Pinsa Lum measuring 3 acres & 6 acres respectively was successfully reclaimed to the extent possible with local vegetation and various other native plants.
  4. The PHPA-II has rehabilitated 25 acres of completed muck disposal site of Dogarthang in the year 2023 and handed over all the rehabilitated muck disposal sites to Department of Forest.
  5. As on 26.02.2024 PHPA-II has reclaimed 38.5 Acres of muck disposal sites and handed over to the Department of Forest and Park Services  (DoFPS)

III) Project Affected Family

  1. Employment has been provided to one family member of one adversely affected family. Compensations were made to eight other affected households.
  2. Eight affected families (including the one adversely affected family) would be provided 10,000 units of free electricity per acre per annum after commissioning of the Project.