Salient Features

Diversion Tunnel12 m diameter, 888 m length
Concrete Dam91 m height, 214 m length
Power Intake Tunnels4 Nos, 6.4 m diameter, 1.93 km length
4 Desilting Chambers420 m length, 19 m width & 24.7 m depth
Headrace Tunnel11 m diameter, 8.58 km length
Surge Shaft31 m diameter, 137 m height
3 Pressure Shafts5.5 m, diameter, 997 m length
Power House Cavern236 m length, 23 m width & 51 m height
Transformer Cavern215.4 m length, 14 m width &26.5 m height
Down Stream Surge Gallery314 m length, 18 m width and 58.5 m depth
Tailrace Tunnel11 m diameter, 3k m length
Generating Plant6 Units of 170 MW each
Transmission System1 Double Circuit 400 kV of 65 km length
1 Double Circuit 400 kV LILO of PHEP-I
Net Head241 m
Design Discharge466.02 m3/s
Annual Generation4,357 GWh